Absintheology's host, Paul Nathan takes you to a vineyard in Cognac France to find out about the different types of alcohol used to make absinthe.

"I had been trying to get to this distillery in Cognac for half a year but circumstances kept conspiring against me. This time luck turned the other way. My good friend Aaron Delechaux and I ran with the bulls in Spain then hooked up with our favorite Frenchman, Aurelian. Aurelian lives in Bordeaux about an hour away from the distillery and it was right on our way between Pamplona and Paris. Dillie ran cameraman, Aurelian interpreted and everything just fell into place for this trip.

We had planned on shooting a video about the distillery in Cognac where they make Le Tourment Vert. Along the way we stopped to pick up some B Roll in this vineyard and the idea of talking about the difference between wine alcohol and grain neutral spirits just sort of happened.

I hope you enjoy this video, we had a blast shooting it.