Paul Nathan shows us how to pour a traditional Suisse style absinthe. Suisse is how the Swiss spell Swiss, so an Absinthe Suisse or a Suisse Absinthe is a Swiss Absinthe or an absinthe from Switzerland or a Swiss style absinthe.  Swiss absinthes are characterized by the lack of coloration in the product. When absinthe is distilled it comes out clear. Producers add color either by using dyes or food colorings or by dunking a really big tea bag full of herbs into the finished product.  This final step adds color and changes the flavor of the beverage. Swiss style absinthes skip this coloring step.  

Occasionally you will hear of a Suisse La Blue or a Swiss La Blue. La Blue means bootleg. It was quite common for absinthe to be distilled in Switzerland during the ban.  These absinthes were illegal, moonshine, bootleg, La Blue. 

Several modern brands have co-opted the name La Blue for their own advertising. La Blue does not refer to the color of the Spirit or the Color of the Louche.

This close up video shows the excellent louche produced by Kubler Suisse absinthe.