We are very excited to welcome Rebecca Dietz to the team here at Absintheology. She brings a unique combination of skills to our site which make her the ideal person to taste and explain the various flavors of absinthe and the flavors that go into each absinthe.

Rebecca began making wormwood infusions over 20 years ago. She has taken herbology courses and has worked as a wine buyer. Later she created her own consulting firm to help restaurants pair wine lists with their food. She gave all of that up to pursue a career as an artist. Rebecca currently teaches photography at a small college.

For the inauguration of Absintheology’s taste reviews we have chosen the four brands available in the US today.  Over the coming weeks Rebecca will review brands not available in the US and will even spend some time tasting imitation absinthes like Le Muse Verte and Absente.

As of this writing La Fee has just announced that they will begin importing to the US market. According the approving body in the US Government there are at least ten more brands expected to enter the US marketplace over the coming year.  You can look for Rebecca's review of those here as they become available.